Perpetual Polling Means Perpetual Democracy.

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The Best Term of Office

to increase MP's accountability is:

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No Term of Office - Voter's Right to recall MP's with a computerized Perpetual Direct Democracy.  63%
Fixed Election for 4 years, with oath of office inforced. Do the Job..

(by Sunday 30th of November 2008 10:35:39 PM )

Ongoing electoral process which may be accessed by computer

(by Psam.Frank Friday 28th of March 2008 02:00:51 AM )

Parliamentary democracy and responsible government: the gov't must keep the confidence of parliament

(by brian.marlatt Friday 26th of September 2008 03:53:58 PM )

a council of citizens oversees the government and is decided by the voters what actually happens

(by chris.sartain Friday 13th of February 2009 01:41:36 AM )

Fixed elections for every two years, politicians all under oath on official campaign and duty.

(by golok.buday Monday 09th of June 2008 09:23:44 AM )

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