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Electoral Campaigns Financed by:

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Government funding to individual candidates ($1.75 per vote, per year, minimum 1,000 votes) Plus individual donations. Max. $1,000 per year.  41%
Resources offered to be equally distributed among all candidates

(by Psam.Frank Thursday 24th of April 2008 02:05:22 PM )

Ban corporate and union donations, cap individual donations to political parties and legislate by referendum the new rules for financing elections.  12%
Unlimited, only from those who can vote for you legally.

(by golok.buday Monday 09th of June 2008 09:15:04 AM )

Zero public money give to political parties. Let them finance thier own activities.

(by gordon.foy Thursday 26th of November 2009 04:35:31 PM )

Government funding to parties according to popularity.  0%
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