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Immigration Criteria

under normal process

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Point incentives for skilled immigrants to locate for a period outside of the three major cities

(by claudio.rosa Sunday 21st of December 2008 10:08:33 AM )

Those who meet a humane criteria; that is socially and economically sustainable for Canadians and pass criminal checks  26%
Constructing borders and restricting people from crossing them is a violation of human rights

(by Psam.Frank Monday 23rd of November 2009 02:21:07 PM )

Those who fulfill the present Canadian Immigration point system.  11%
no priority to anyone ...allow humanitarian reasons only providing they have no serious criminal rec

(by chris.sartain Friday 13th of February 2009 02:04:57 AM )

No privileges, only a number given to any human being who applies to our waiting list.  5%
On a first come first serve basis provided they are not wanted for a criminal offense

(by linda Saturday 06th of September 2008 09:09:26 PM )

Priority to those who have Canadian relatives  5%
Total votes cast: 19