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Military Intervention in Afghanistan

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Withdraw our troops immediately, stop using aid as a tool of war, and support diplomatic negotiations with all Afghanistan-parties. information  50%
I agree with our present foreign policy of intervention. We made a promise to the Afgan government and people to help protect and rebuild that we can not back away from  18%
Withdraw forces. Send aid and support for diplomacy. Listen, to the people there and develop a real understanding; bridge the divide. Bring in peace.  13%
Withdrawal from combat operations, move mission from NATO to UN, and focus on humanitarian issues.

(by Dan.Grice Thursday 14th of February 2008 12:20:23 PM )

Withdraw from Afghanistan and redeploy in more needed area's such as Africa  5%
ask ourselves what are our soldiers really dieing for? and is it really worth it?

(by jean.mitchell Saturday 16th of May 2009 02:02:10 PM )

Total votes cast: 40