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Official Electing-Majority

is constituted best by:

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The candidate with the most votes in the riding. Currently used as First Past The Post.. Regardless of party proportionality across Canada, and regardless of predetermined majority thresholds. information  43%
Transfer votes from the least popular candidates to alternative pre-selected candidates until certain majority is achieved. Known as STV-BC information  21%
PR.- Parties' Proportional Representation from the country at large information  18%
Mixed Member Proportional - Electoral District MP's with top up seats for proportionality

(by paul.browning Tuesday 08th of June 2010 12:51:39 AM )

No majority needed. MPs should be randomly selected from the general citizenry. information  7%
A guard against a majority tyanny is a good thing but a Candidate Tranferable isn't bad, no mandate.

(by golok.buday Monday 09th of June 2008 09:25:26 AM )

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