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To Regulate Housing the City Should:

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Own and manage as much social housing as needed, and/or lease as much municipal property to non-profit housing agencies as required to eliminate housing shortages.  70%
Restrict property ownership to resident citizens and ensure adequate rental & social housing stock

(by Tuesday 18th of December 2007 11:46:07 AM )

Give land to builders, and require that 10% of the units are given to social housing

(by peter.taffs Thursday 14th of August 2008 08:23:42 PM )

No government administration, property rights, and possible rental vouchers.

(by golok.buday Monday 09th of June 2008 08:37:29 AM )

Require a percentage of all new units to rent for no more than 30% of tenant's income.  4%
Increase Property tax to non-resident housing (the landlords) give tax rebate to tenants and owners that live in their own home, remove the profit of landlords.  0%
Let the private market balance itself, and sell municipal land to builders at market price.  0%
Provide Parkade building Roofs / Parking lots for EcoVillages

(by ric.shorten Sunday 01st of November 2015 04:14:15 PM )

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